Our company is offering you:

  1. Metal surface powder coating on two independent lines:
    • Continuous flow coating line
    • Long parts line

  2. Old paints removal by Meri termic device

Metal surface powder coating

Continuous coating line with capacity of 300 000 m2 painted area and a long parts line with capacity of 150 000 m2 at two-shift operation let us offer you surface conditioning not only for small and mid-size parts, but also large-dimension components and facade elements. Passage profile w.900,h.1900, l.8000).

Dependent on customer requirements we can use powder paints based on:

  • polyester - epoxide for interior use
  • polyester on facade parts
  • polyester for exterior use and surfaces required to resist climatic impacts

Color hues:
Depending on your wish in the whole scale of RAl international numerical labeling.


  • smooth - glossy, half-glossy
  • smooth - mat, half-mat
  • soft structure
  • rough structure - glossy
  • rough structure - matt
  • antique
  • silver and gold
  • metallic

Regarding quality of applied surface, verified by years of experience, we can guarantee high level of coated products.

Our objective is to achieve higher quality of your products' surface condition and offer you our progressive technology, commonly used in the industries of developed countries.

Old paint removal by Meri termic device

The Meri heat cleaning oven, allows to remove old flammable layers of paint and other dirt from metal surface, without use of chemicals, economically, quickly and ecologically. It prepares the surface of used metal material for repeated application of powder paint after sand abrasion. Prices are upon agreement.